About Elevator Speech Training

Elevator Speech Training helps people get better at attracting interest and support by changing how they talk about what they do. It is a Zoom-based crash course that requires just one hour, is one-on-one, personalized, and based on a framework that makes it possible to build your pitch in eight easy steps. Participants at all levels of communications experience (from beginner to advanced) have given it high praise. For more details about the process, please visit www.est.io/secret-sauce.

From Marc

Marc Fest

Marc Fest

I love creating frameworks, checklists, and cheat sheets because they make it so much simpler and faster to get better at something. The most recent example is the Elevator Speech Framework. It helps people optimize their ability to pitch a project or organization to potential funders or partners. Another one is the MessageHouse.org framework. Companies, NGOs, and governments use it to develop key messages and increase messaging discipline. Check it out at www.messagehouse.org.

Before becoming a communications coach, I was vice president of communications for the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, a nonprofit funder focused on media innovation. I also served in the same capacity for the New World Symphony, an orchestral academy for gifted graduates of music conservatories.

Helping others express themselves is special to me because I struggled with a speech impediment when I was a child. I live at a remote farm in the Everglades. When I’m not coaching clients, I love hanging out with my Belgian Shepherd dog Zeus, and an assortment of alligators, blue herons, and raccoons.