About Elevator Speech Training

Elevator Speech Training is a Zoom-based, one-hour communications crash course focused on optimizing your ability to pitch a project, organization or yourself. Participants at all levels of communications experience (from beginner to advanced) have given it high praise. The course uses an eight-step approach that can be mastered in just 60 minutes. For more details about the process, please visit www.est.io/secret-sauce.

About Marc

Marc Fest

Marc Fest

Marc Fest is the founder of Elevator Speech Training (EST).

Before founding EST, Marc was vice president of communications for the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation and the New World Symphony.

In early 2019, Marc decided to create a more efficient approach to helping busy changemakers improve how they express themselves in critical situations, such as communicating with potential funders or partners. The result is the Elevator Speech Framework. It requires only one or two training sessions for mastering techniques to avoid the most common pitching mistakes. More than 200 changemakers, including 60 CEOs, Executive Directors, and Presidents, have since endorsed its efficiency and effectiveness.

Marc developed the Elevator Speech Framework as an outgrowth of his MessageHouse.org website. Since 2010, this pro-bono project has offered organizations a blueprint for developing key messages and increasing messaging discipline. The site’s Message House Framework has been downloaded by more than 10,000 Companies, NGOs, and governments worldwide.

In the late 90s, Marc created Quickbrowse, a Web-based software tool credited with the invention of “metabrowsing,” and Online HomeBase, a precursor to Google docs.

Helping others express themselves is close to Marc’s heart as he struggled with a speech impediment when he was a child.

He lives at a farm in the Everglades near Key Largo, with his Belgian Shepherd dog Zeus and an assortment of alligators, great blue herons, and raccoons.