No-Cost Do-It-Yourself Elevator Speech Training

Don’t yet have an opportunity for one-on-one Elevator Speech Training? No worries. You can still use our online Elevator Speech Worksheet at to optimize how you pitch your organization or project to potential supporters. You can do it yourself or with a group in your organization. Here’s how:

  1. is based on the Elevator Speech Framework

    Go to to access the worksheet directly.

  2. Fill in the blanks. If you want to stop and resume later, click the “Save and continue later” button at the bottom of the page.
  3. When done, click the submit button. The system will display your draft on a single page and send you a copy by email.
  4. Read out your script and make a recording.
  5. Listen to the recording with the script in front of you. You will feel what sounds right and what still needs some tweaking.
  6. Make edits.
  7. Repeat steps 4, 5, and 6 above until you’re happy with your script.
  8. If you do this exercise together with colleagues, do the following:
  9. Have a team meeting and share your different approaches, especially to articulating your mission without jargon, the urgency of your work, your secret sauce, and the story that illustrates it.
  10. Discuss and compare your different approaches. You might find yourself wanting to mix and match.
  11. Aim to draft a prototype stump speech that draws on the best ideas from the group.
  12. Share it organization-wide.

Have fun!