You can use this worksheet as a paying or sponsored client, or as a guest.

This fill-in-the-blanks worksheet is based on the Elevator Speech Framework, a structured approach that enables you to master any speaking situation with confidence.

When you submit this form (by clicking the blue submit button on the bottom of this page), we will email you a copy of the script you will have built on this page, plus a Word doc version of the framework, so that you will have them in your inbox for future use.

If you have scheduled an Elevator Speech Training session, we strongly recommend that you fill out the worksheet below no later than 12 hours before your appointment to create a 3-minute draft pitch about your project or organization.

If you're not a client, you're still welcome to use this page at no cost to generate your pitch. Please know that we'll get a copy of it (and we may not be able to resist contacting you with improvement suggestions).

You can read an example pitch here.

If you start filling in the blanks below and then need to pause and resume later, please scroll down to the bottom of this form and click the "save and continue later" button.

Final checklist
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